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Site News

5/22 Update
Hello, everyone, This is PHPFusion CMS, Official Site Administrator. We'd like to announce the updates made to the site as of 2019, May 22. ※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.
May 22 2019 2 minutes
Server hiccups - VPS Upgrade
We have been experiencing some glitches and even sudden halts here on PHPFusion Main quite a few times the past two - three weeks. Do not worry, this is only good news for us. The good news is that we have about 3-4 times as much site usage as we used to compared to a year ago. Last month gave us about 4 million pageviews on PHPFusion Main alone. We have not been configured to handle such volumes of site usage. Our Main sponsor CloudVPS saved the day, reliable as they are and upgraded our VPS resources today. We have about the double capacity from today compared to yesterday. Thank you CloudVPS
May 13 2014 2 minutes
Coffee lab mishap
We have a very basic idea that no small nor large task can be to complicated. This is generally true except when it comes to our Coffee brewing. Coffee is the very essence of our energy and it is our natural well of eternal energy when the energy is on dangerously low levels.
April 01 2014 5 minutes
Seasons Greetings 2012
On behalf of me and my team of Developers I want to present you all with a serene and firm Seasons Greetings. Lets all hope the Mayan calendar has a bug and that we will live to see yet another year. We may, however, not see a live version 8 within 2012, but we are working on it. Remember that our lives do not circle around PHPFusion only. Illness, tragedies, workload and other real life events affect us all. From all of us, to all of you, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! /Richard
December 14 2012 1 minute
Latest Goings On
The MT are delighted to announce that Domi is joining it's ranks. He is a long time member from way back and has been an huge fan and supporter of PHPFusion for years. Many of you will know him due to his many cool Addons that he's released over the years. So, please add your welcomes to a very talented guy. Read On...
November 08 2011 5 minutes
Theme Changes
As our regular visitors will have noticed, the site has undergone a bit of a change. The previous Bifrost theme has been replaced as it was not fully configured to be used in a standard setup. So, the Management Team and I decided that we would revert the site to a more standard setup at the earliest opportunity. This current theme is temporary as a brand new theme is currently under development. Unfortunately, the development of the theme has been delayed so we decided to go ahead and remove Bifrost and use a standard theme instead until such time as the new theme is ready.
October 24 2011 3 minutes
Recent Downtime
Apologies for the recent downtime. We are still unsure as to exactly what caused the server outage and are working to ensure that such incidents do not re-occur. Thanks you for your patience.
October 20 2011 1 minute
What's Happening
To to let you know what's happening in the near future with the project. This site is to get a new theme, it's currently being worked on and we'll post more info when it's nearer completion. This theme will be fully standardized and available for download from day one. We will not load it until it's already in downloads. The Dev and Staff sites are going to be merged into one. This is primarily to maintain a clearer focus on what we're doing and where we're going. The ability to interact with the developers and post bug reports, etc will be retained.
August 06 2011 3 minutes
New Member in MT
I'm delighted to announce that Matonor has just joined the Management Team. For those of you who don't know, he's the guy who made most of the cool v7 themes and has been a developer with us for many years. I am confident he will be a great addition to the team and we look forward to his input and ideas.
August 01 2011 1 minutes
A few Changes
Following the passing away of our founder Nick Jones, there have been some questions over the legal status of the CMS. I'd like to take this opportunity to set the record straight. Under UK law "computer programs" are covered under the copyright legislation as "Literary Works" and as such the copyright will remain under Nick Jones for up to 70 years after his death, to be administered by his estate. What this means is the status of PHPFusion is unchanged, it remains an open source entity copyrighted to Nick Jones managed by the PHPFusion Management Team and as such we will continue as always to protect the copyright and go after violators in the same manner.Read on...
January 16 2011 4 minutes
Brave New World
As you can see, the new site is now up and running (for the most part). There are still a couple of sections that need attention, most notably the license application forms for the new licenses. That should be up and running in a couple of days. Have a look around and please report any broken links or bugs. Mods and Theme members, you can now submit your work to the AddonDB. Please note that all work must be fully valid. Once you've made a submission, you can follow it's progress in the AddonDB dashboard. Please be patient as the approval admins get up to speed with the new systems. If you have any questions just ask.
October 31 2010 3 minutes
We have upgraded to PHPFusion v7.01
As the final step towards releasing PHPFusion v7.01 we decided to turn our main site in the community's lab rat and upgrade to v7.01 so we can give it a last look before we hand it to you. Play around and tell us what you think and whatever annoyance or error you might find. Enjoy!
August 01 2010 1 minutes