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Content Management System

Simple web content management, storage, retrieval for the modern website administrator

What is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software that is designed to assist you in creating, editing, organizing and publish your content online. PHPFusion is a Content Management System is an all-in-one integrated system that gives you full control over the files, documents, panels, and can be extended with powerful addons Infusions, Panels, Widgets mostly used for web publishing. Although CMS system is used for web publishing, it can be used to manage content on an intranet, or in a single computer.

The beauty of a good content management system is to allow anyone to avoid the technical know-how to own a website. The simplicity of a PHPFusion CMS system is that users do not necessary need to know even a single line of code to publish content.

CMS system used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. PHPFusion is open source and free for anyone to use, and that is one main problem solved. Currently, PHPFusion is being widely used to power up small business websites, blogs, education systems, government portals, classifieds listings or web directories, databases, internal communication systems, application infrastructure base, arcade sides, and basically any creative use you can think of.


PHPFusion 9 Fusion Defender SDK protects codes with automatic input sanitization and Cross Site Request Forgery attacks.

Web Security Automation

The later version of PHPFusion CMS Version 9 onwards has standardized web development practices and security implementations — with automation built in — which intuitively assist in developing powerful addons or developing on their websites.

This allows web developers to focus on what they intend to do, and rely on PHPFusion instead to automatically take care of security and input validation issues for example. PHPFusion can automate repetitive tasks and ultimately saves developers a lot of web development time effectively.
Web Security Compliance As a rule of thumb, all submitted user inputs are regarded as unsafe, and should be inspected back by the system as a safety precaution to filter away undesired inputs, even especially so when there are 3rd party addons involved.
Security Flood Gate PHPFusion is enabled with a flood protection user account warning feature when enabled by developers on web sections where most malicious web bots will most likely target. By flagging the user account as a security thread, website administrators can inspect further on IP Addresses, and block their access permanently.

Robust Content Management

Classify Specific Content Types. Infusions addons are the most attractive source for creating content specific websites such as news, articles, file downloads, photo gallery systems. These systems allow you to classify the types of contents for the website.

Finding Content. PHPFusion CMS integrated search experience allows caching different database repository to remove the need to sift through each individual applications so they will be available online. This allows all files types contents able to be digitalized and feasible to made them available electronically instead of sift through folders on local machines, filing cabinets and at storage facilities.

WYSIWYG Editor PHPFusion CMS comes with the latest WYSIWYG editor from TinyMCE to allow for more intuitive like features for the ease of content editing when creating documents.

Meta data PHPFusion CMS allows you to enable quick document discovery by attributes like revisions data, author and tags.

Prevent data loss Migrating files from local machines, digitize legacy storage systems, and establish access permissions will inevitably prevent document loss and data exposure.

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Cross Device Compatibility

Mobile Smartphones and Tablets are helping websites reach for more users more efficiently. Using a responsive framework, PHPFusion makes it easy for developers to achieve better designs.

Bootstrap Framework

Mobile Devices work on a different viewports screen size, and fluid responsive themes enable web layouts stacking for a better and optimized presentation.

Cross Device Compatibilities include:

High Five on Powerful Infrastructures

Website with a good environment will be able to grow to serve and achieve higher results faster than others — whether they are customer conversions rates, subscribing users or general presentation effectiveness. These are fundamental facilities and systems infrastructures necessary for empowering better development environment, scaling and testing to ensure consistency throughout its updates. Among these are some things PHPFusion CMS have —

Fusion Dynamics The core of PHPFusion is embedded with responsive user input fields SDKs that allow you to build beautiful online forms with sophisticated input fields such as datepickers, searchable dropdown selectors, chained result selectors, and more. These inputs fields gets response from the server to provide users with validation errors and guide them to input proper values such as url, email address, numbers or file attachments guidance — within one single line of code.

Geomapping PHPFusion CMS has included Geomap SDK Libraries that can allow you to use IP locations of Cities and Countries around the world in your web application development.

xCharts Visualize Raw data not only to allow you make sense of it faster, but you can also observe interesting patterns that would not be apparent from looking only at stats. PHPFusion includes xCharts tools, makes tedious task of making beautiful charts and maps easier.

Dynamic Content with jQuery jQuery is a lightweight "write less, do more" interpreted language which makes it much easier to implement the common tasks that require many lines of of JavaScript code to accomplish into methods that you can call with a single line of code. PHPFusion CMS are jQuery enabled so web pages are able to add on-screen dynamic content easily such as web animations, on-demand results polling, and remote data requests via Ajax.

SEO, SEF, Permalinks Search Engine Friendly (SEF) makes clean URLs for website links makes sense to both humans and search engines because they explain the path to the particular page they point to. PHPFusion is capable of creating, parsing URLs into a format which follows a fixed pattern which you can define a short descriptive text (alias) for each segment of the URL.

Custom Error Pages A 404 error is a standard HTTP error message code that is generated out of a broken link for reasons that either the webpage was removed or moved and the URL wasn't changed accordingly, or the person just typed in the URL incorrectly. PHPFusion Error Pages can be customized to be helpful or tongue-in-cheek 404 error page with a pithy caption to ease users frustration, who might take things just a little too much to heart.

System Error Logging When there are script codes that are non well formed, PHPFusion stores the type of system errors that are issued, and what programs the system errors occur into its system error logs database. These mistakes can be showed to only the people with the specific access to identify and make corrections accordingly.

Learning Support and Community

Need help or guidance? Don't keep it to yourself long. Join our community here that is willing to invest and help you as a developer. The longer you work without mentorship from a veteran developer, it will make the problem harder.

Resources and Documentation There are tons of documentation and resources you can refer to at our PHPFusion knowledgebase libraries from SDKs, APIs and sample examples codes. If you do not understand anything, you can ask in the support forum.

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Support Forum The users are just people like you who have been with PHPFusion, some for decades long, and some just for fun of it. For whatever reason, we welcome you to join in and ask questions and try to get help from more experienced people that will help to you avoid many of the mistakes you're going to make learning all on your own.

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