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National Support Network

Welcome back Hungarian NSS
_Ephyx over at PHPFusion Hungary decided to re-open the site. Welcome back ! I Thank you _Ephyx and your Team over at the Hungarian NSS for all your dedication !
January 18 2016 1 minute
Reinstatement of NSS Deutschland
It is with great relief and gratitude towards Sascha and R3sponibl3 that I greet Germany WELCOME BACK to our National Support Site community. Now I only need a few more German developers for 8 Take care, Leute! /Richard
October 27 2012 1 minute
PHPFusion Code Camp on NSS Romania
Hey, everyone! Yet another weekend is here. Are you happy? PHPFusion Romania is now in its final day of proposals for our online Code Camp. This Saturday and Sunday our developers will choose the projects they want to code (by becoming project managers) and from Monday, April 16th, we will start coding. After the four days of writing code, on Friday, April 20th, we will polish, pack and publish some brand new PHPFusion add-ons. So wish us luck AND if you want to contribute something why not add a few comments here with your desired add-ons. I can't promise you we will code them all, but if some of the international developers decide to help next week the chances will grow considerably, of course. The rules for the proposals are simple: 1. No core modifications, please. We want some cool add-ons that everyone can install and maintain easily. 2. Complex add-ons are out of the question. It would be a pity to finish the short Code Camp with only a few add-ons, no matter how amazing they would be. We need to focus on small to medium complexity so we can produce very useful add-ons for the most people possible. 3. Jump in. Our goals: 1. The offer you guys some fresh or refreshed add-ons for PHPFusion. 2. To coach new leaders for development projects. 3. To motivate our members to work with us as a team so you can understand how development works. 4. By the means of the camp's outcome, we want to motivate other people to learn programming and make a good stand in public. Wish us luck!
April 13 2012 3 minutes
New Lithuanian NSS
We would like to congratulate and welcome our latest addition to the PHPFusion International Network. We can now add Lithuania to the ever growing list of Internation Support Sites. We wish Creatium and his team the best of luck and success with their site.
July 03 2011 1 minutes
Theme Competition
PHPFusion Sweden needs a Theme I would like our site to "stand out" a bit but don't really have the time to do something "juicy" for it, so Fangree_Craig and I came up with the idea to make a small competition. Make us a Theme!Since this is not really official business we have chosen Craig's site as "neutral ground" (yes, really!) and most details and other oncoming development/information are available over here. Feel free to read about it and enter the contest.Good Luck to everyone! Homdax p.s. if the winning theme is up to the standard, we'll consider adding it as a core theme in the download package
April 04 2011 2 minutes
New Russian NSS
We would like to congratulate and welcome our newest member to the PHPFusion International Network. The new Russian NSS is a welcome addition to our network and we wish jikaka and his team the very best of success with the site.
March 16 2011 2 minutes