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Frederick Chan

Joakim Falk

Nationality: Malaysian
Key Role: Project Lead Developer - Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Site Profile: Chan
GitHub: FrederickChan
Twitter: @phpfusion

Fred has been working with PHPFusion since studying at a college, passionate about the development as a back end user, and silently contributing to the development of PHP-Fusion CMS during the pre-Google era.
Based in Malaysia, Fred has built numerous systems based on PHPFusion CMS for private companies, college and universities, semi-government agencies portals to pay his living bills.
Now acting as the lead developer for the software, Fred has led the project foundation along Joakim to rewrite PHPFusion from ground up, and modernize the software into Web 3.0 standards, employing Jquery, created industrial setting basic components such as the bootstrap based Atom Theme Engine, Dynamics Form UI, PHPFusion Defender, PHPFusion Template Engine, PHPFusion Composer, PHPFusion SEO Engine and many more, which has substantially led PHPFusion to a autonomous software that the developers love.
Outside of PHPFusion, Fred loves to read books and play various mobile games.

Joakim Falk

Joakim Falk

Nationality: Swedish
Key Role: Project Manager - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Site Profile: Falk
GitHub: JoakimFalk
Twitter: @phpfusion

Joakim has been developing with, using and contributing to PHPFusion in his free time since around 2004.
Most notably he led the PHPFusion to modernization after the project founder Nick Jones in both management and development of PHPFusion websites.
Beyond PHPFusion CMS, Joakim has a wealth of experience in Information Technology field having worked in the early days with multinode BBS solutions as well as his own Hosting company.
Mastering a vast range of Operating Systems, Customized Hardware Solutions, Network Architecture as a Computer Systems Engineer.
When time allows, Joakim always try to enjoy the scenery and fishing in his boat.

Main Office Location

PHP-Fusion Inc
2nd Floor, Block 1, Unit 7
Metro Town, Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja
Off Tuaran Road, 88300
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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Last Update : 2021-01-08