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News can be pre-entered to the system for automated publishing on pre-defined dates.
You can spend a day to compose a whole week or even years worth of News that will be published automatically for the rest of your pre-defined week or for the rest of the whole year. News can also be either categorized or not.
News items can appear on the front page of your site, the Default starting page is news.php on a standard PHPFusion setup. [See Administration -> Settings -> Main -> Site opening page]
The design of the News system are determined by the Theme you use, it can be highly customized.

Current News
This is a dropdown list of all your current News items, you can select one for editing or deletion.

Adding News
Subject: Enter in the Subject of your News item.
Category: If you want the item to appear in a particular category, choose from the dropdown. If not, it will appear in Uncategorized News items.
News Image: Use this upload field if you want to replace the default category image with an image of your own.
News: This is also known as a News snippet, whatever you type in here is what will appear on your front page. For small items, it is not necessary to use extended News.
Extended News: If your posting a large News item, post the bulk of it here.
HTML Buttons: The HTML buttons [If TinyMCE is disabled] allow you some minimal formatting for the text of your News item.
Start Date: You can set an item to appear sometime in the future, leave blank if not needed.
End Date: You can also set an item to be automatically removed from view sometime in the future, leave blank if not needed.
Visibility: Select Access level for this News item.
Save as Draft: If an item is not finished or not ready for publication, tick the box where it will be marked as [Draft] and will be hidden from view.
Make this News item sticky: A Sticky item will remain at the top regardless of posting date.
Automatic Line-Breaks: For large amounts of text, this will place line breaks in your item to break the text up into several pages.
Enable Comments: - Allows members to post comments on the News item, [If globally enabled - Settings -> Miscellaneous].
Enable Ratings: - Allows members to rate the News item, [If globally enabled - Settings -> Miscellaneous].

If you enable News Modules in Administration -> System Admin -> Permalinks, Your Subject of the News item will also be the link in to the News item.

General News Settings can be found in Administration -> Settings -> News.

Member contribution
Your members can Submit News using the internal submission system.
The site owner and Administrators with Administrational Rights need to approve any submission before it is published.

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