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PHPFusions Forum system is one of our most popular additions.

The Forum system can provide you with a rock solid Forum that is ready to be customized for your needs.
You can have a functional Forum up and running with one Main Forum category and one Forum topic by the help of a few mouse clicks.
You can assign Moderators with Access levels either on a User level or set by the native User Group functions of PHPFusion.

You can have as many or as few Forums or your site as you like.

Adding a Forum Category
Category Name: Before you can add any Forums, you need to create one or more Forum Categories.
Category Description: A description will make it easier for your members to know where their threads belong.

Adding a Forum
Forum Name: Enter the name of the forum.
Forum Description: A description will make it easier for your members to know where their threads belong.
Forum Category: Decide which category your forum will be in.
Forum Order: If you have several Forum Categories, they can be arranged and ordered with up and down arrows for their respective order.

As you create your forums, you will notice that the list displaying your forums will have the order that you have set.
If you want to change anything, click edit. This will open the Edit Forum panel.
You'll see that the default settings are set to allow the public to view but only members can post, add attachments, create polls, etc.
These can all be changed to suit your needs, you may want an Administrator only forum or a forum for a particular user group.
Post Merger, If enabled will automatically merge consecutive posts by the same member.
Under Forum Moderators is a list of all user groups or Administrators who can be set as moderators.
By clicking on the group it will jump across to the right hand box, clicking in the right box will remove the group.

Current Forums
You can edit or delete or Prune your current Forums here.

General Forum Settings can be found in Administration -> Settings -> Forum.

Forum Polls,Print Post,Moderation,Forum Ranks,Print Thread,Flood Control,Localized buttons,Numbered Posts,Links to Posts
Image Resizing,Thread Tracking,Forum Privileges,Forum Categories,Post Edit Reason,Mass Post Delete,Attachment rights
Auto Posts Merger,Mass Thread Delete,Display user avatar,Multiple file attachments,Separate Forum Pruning
Post Moving & Post Merging, Usergroup as Moderator,Customized User Groups,Edit & Delete own Posts.