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PHPFusion Licenses Purchase a site license and gain more support for your project.
Basic License
  • CMS
  • Standard AGPL Footer
  • Open Source Licence
  • Extras
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EPAL License
  • CMS
  • EPAL Footer
  • Open Source Licensing
  • Limited Freedom
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CRL License
  • CMS
  • Custom Footer
  • Priority Class Support
  • Closed source licensing
  • Personal use only
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CCL License
  • CMS
  • Custom Footer
  • Priority Class Support
  • Closed source licensing
  • Corporate user
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Open Source as a Basic License

As an open source community, we will always develop our software free and open source as it is the foundation for all of our development. You can use PHPFusion CMS freely as you wish to, for any purposes, for as long as you abide to retain the copyright statement without editing any wording on it, including a link back to phpfusion.com

EPAL License and its intended purpose

The EPAL - Enduser PHPFusion Addon License is a FREE commercial Addon license given as an incentive to all addon developers to raise addon standards and to enforce and protect the copyrights of our developers. EPAL is available for all developers that has a vendor account in our Marketplace, and will only be valid for any officially approved Commercial Addons that is being offered in the Marketplace.

Get real entitlement to your custom work

The Copyright Removal License (CRL) and Commercial Core License (CCL) revokes AGPL and all of its requirements. Additionally you are also allowed to remove our visual copyrights with this license in your site footer and use your own custom footer instead. Each licensed site is registered in our database and will have a generated certificate with a validated custom keys for each site.

How long the license is valid for use?

All of our licenses will never expire. Our CRL and CCL License is tied to a single domain and will never expire for its entire lifetime as long as the domain name for as long as it does not change its real owner. As such, our licenses are licensed as-is and will not be updated to include other persons or organizations and cannot be inherited nor being transferred to a 3rd party.
License Comparisons
The following shows the features of the corresponding license versions
License User Type
Removing "Powered by PHPFusion" footer link
E-commerce sites
Develop & Sell custom codes
Feature requests on next version
Keeping any varying codes to yourself
Priority Coding Support
Priority Troubleshooting Support
Priority Installation Support
Digital License Certificates
All purposePersonal UseCorporate Use