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User Control v1.23
User Control v1.23
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User Control v1.23
This is a powerful Administrators tool for the bulk banning or deletion of user accounts. It will display up to 100 users per page depending on access level and setting chosen giving an Admin with Ban privileges the ability to ban or delete multiple selection of user accounts. With built in Spam Rate, it give a site admin a quick glance at the member accounts and any content all in one place. User Control - This is a list of all members with a lower post count than post threshold (see settings). Group by IP - This will display all IP addresses that have 2 or more members using that IP. IP Lookup - Enter an individual IP address to view any members using that IP. Members IP - Enter User ID to view all IP addresses used by that member since they joined. User ID Lookup - Enter a Users ID to view all content posted by that member. Inactive User - Lists all users who never logged in by default. Use dropdown to view different timescales. Admin Rights - View all Rights attributed to Administrators * Month Stats - Displays a registration statistics by month.
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  • Developer
    Shop 5
  • Publisher
    PHPFusion Inc.
  • Released date
    March 18, 2011
  • Last update date
    March 18, 2011
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