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404 Error Not Found Issue With Site Links On PHP-Fusion V9.10.30 - Please Help

I am experiencing a very annoying error with a new PHP-Fusion Website I am working on. The Website URL is https://www.vyperprecisioncorporationx.com/PremiumAddons and you can visit it by clicking this link: https://www.vyperprecisioncorporation...miumAddons. For some reason when visiting the Website and click on Links like Articles, Blog, Downloads, Forum & Other Site Links, you will get a 404 Page Not Found Error. I did spot an issue causing this but do not know how to correct problem. For whatever reasoning, when you click on ANY of the SITE LINKS, instead of using the Folder name PremiumAddons with the Capital Letters where they go as the Website was meant to be setup, I see the Site Links like this on the Edge Browser: https://www.vyperpresicisoncorporationx/premiumaddons and since the Folder Name/Sub-Domain is Capitalized like this: PremiumAddons, so therefore if it is changed to premiumaddons, it will not work, it will throw a 404 Error.

How do I fix this within PHP-Fusion so there are no more 404 Errors? My Visitors/Members can actually use the Site Links and if the Register, Login and Forgot Password Features are not working due to the Error, that means I am missing out on tons of Members! I do have a feeling the Register, Login, Logout and Forgot Password Links are NOT working either since they are also Site Links. The ending of the Web Address which is /premiumaddons needs changed to go to/PremiumAddons so the everything will load properly for me and everyone else. Any help and suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated very much.

If you need to access the Website as a Member, please Register on the Website at https://www.vyperprecisioncorporationx/Register.php. The Login Box on the Main Page does work, so you can use it to Login. If you have any problems Registering an Account on my Website, please respond to this Forum Thread or Send a PM and I can Register an Account for you, no problem.
GrimlochSenior Member
I don't know of a work-around however: In my honest opinion you could solve all your problems by simply renaming your sub-domain sub-directory to 'premiumaddons' ... that's my opinion.
douwe_yntemaSenior Member
Yes, it is the capitals, I checked your site and if leave the capitals then it works
FalkSuper Admin
You have SEO activated, it removes all capitalization, thus not making a real translation in genuine path.
You can manually fix this by editing, includes/classes/PHPFusion/Rewrite/RewriteDriver.php.
Find around line 630
$string = strtolower($string);

remove or comment out with // before. Try a new browser since the SEO engine cache a long time.
Edited by Falk on 06-12-2022 01:16,
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