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September 08 2021

We are very happy to announce our latest branch release of Andromeda.

Download PHPFusion 9.10.00 here  

You can read the initial release notes of Andromeda here

Changes in PHPFusion 9.10.00 since 9.03.110

· Fixed various security issues
· Fixed various issues in all infusions
· Fixed user fields issues
· Fixed upgrade from v8
· Fixed various installer issues
· Fixed img bbcode
· Fixed cache
· Fixed form_* functions
· Fixed issues in search
· Fixed MySQLi database driver
· Fixed custom pages issues
· Fixed DB Backup
· Fixed .webp support
· Fixed and improved all admin pages
· Fixed multilang issues
· Fixed admin logout
· Fixed forum bounty
· Fixed username validation
· Fixed Geomap functions
· Fixed cookies and added support for "samesite"
· Fixed sitelinks
· Fixed guests avatars in Shoutbox and comments

· Added Google reCaptcha v3
· Added "Most read" filter to articles, blog and news
· Added automatic updates, system will automatically upgrade database and all core files however you have to check Infusions administration and click to update infusions. Note that this is the first version and may have issues
· Added language downloader to Language settings
· Added Forum rank color and icon options
· Added Forum tag icon option
· Added Forum icon option and switcher to choose between image/icon
· Added support for multiple groups in access options (E.g. news visiblity)
· Added access options to submissions, now you can set who can submit
· Added License switcher, in case you uses paid addon from Marketplace you can switch to EPAL license
· Added new templates for search, if your infusion have search fields you will need to update it
· Added new templates for comments
· Added PHP exe option to panels, now you can enable php exe for specific panel
· Added support for articles thumbnails
· Added new Errors page template
· Added cache for some core functions
· Added alert if infusion updates are available
· Added gallery option to set latest photo as album thumbnail

· Improved gallery template
· Improved forum template
· Improved members template
· Improved groups template
· Improved shoutbox template
· Improved welcome message template
· Improved homepage, now it's fully modular
· Improved Main settings, some options have been removed or moved
· Improved Time & Date settings
· Improved Theme Manager
· Improved registration with admin activation, now it shows alert in administration if there are unactivated users
· Improved admin dashboard
· Improved AdminLTE theme
· Improved Images administration
· Improved Infusions administration
· Improved locale files management, 3rd party translations have been moved from includes to locale folder

· Renamed PHP Info to Server Info

· Removed home.php, it was bad for SEO, if you have seo enabled for the homepage, you need to reinstall this module.
· Removed database driver selection from installer
· Removed unused locales
· Removed comments settings from Misc settings, these settings are now in Comments administration
· Removed panels settings from Main settings, have been moved to Panels administration
· Removed various unused files
· Removed home.php, it was bad for SEO
· Removed Theme Settings, options has been removed as well and admin themes can set in Theme Manager
· Removed theme customizer, it does not work properly with new themes
· Removed theme uploader from Theme Manager for security reasons
· Removed Blog archive, Forum mods online, Forum threads, Language switcher, Latest articles, Latest comments and Latest downloads panels, these panels are available in marketplace and Addons repo
· Removed hide email option from registration page, by default email is always hidden however you can still edit this in edit profile
· Removed Allow PHP Execution setting for security reasons

· Updated PHPMailer to v6.5.1
· Updated Font Awesome to v5.15.4
· Updated autosize.js to v5.0.1
· Updated bootstrap-colorpicker to v3.4.0
· Updated bootstrap-fileinput to v5.2.3
· Updated pwstrength-bootstrap to v3.1.0
· Updated elFinder to v2.1.59
· Updated DataTables to v1.11.0
· Updated tablesorter to v2.31.3
· Updated holder.js to v2.9.9
· Updated jquery to v3.6.0
· Updated clipboard.js to v2.0.8
· Updated TinyMCE to v5.9.1
· Updated js-cookie to v3.0.0

Many additional misc. improvements and fixes have been implemented as well.

Download PHPFusion 9.10.00 here

// PHPFusion Development Team
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