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March 03 2021
What's new in the PHPFusion Marketplace

Our new Marketplace is now multiple times faster than any script ever made in PHPFusion.
It takes a fair amount of our time to sort and iron it all out, we apologize to everyone who is waiting to upload and download Addons.

One of our current Development goals is to allow the Marketplace to provide the latest updates and Addons available directly in your PHPFusion Administration.
In order to do this our Core System must have a very solid foundation.

With the new Marketplace backed by cached assets and a entire new algorithm, the new engine gives us a very snappy response, you can now browse items without resurging traffic rates and it becomes a lot easier for us to deliver digital items to you at an increased user experience.
This has been essential for us in order to realize our Development goals of the Marketplace and PHPFusion CMS.

We also integrated a new patronage service to all content creator accounts in the Marketplace.
Inspired by content creation marketplaces like Behance, Kickstarter, Patreon, we started our own integrated service as well.
Shops can now have their own fan based and sponsored content, even tier based content and Public free community content releases are now available.

A new feeds channel has been provided to gives you the latest updates of shops.

We believe this will be beneficial to both users and Addon Authors as Pro Addons and Themes will be available when it is backed by contributors in the community.
Due to EPAL and AGPL v3 , we get the best of both commercial and open source to work for your needs.

It is worth to mention that we have made the free items in the Marketplace as direct downloads, Meaning that we no longer save downloaded files in your profile unless it is commercial.

Where do we go from here?

We will work to bring the Marketplace available in your PHPFusion Administration.
Items will be automatically loaded and eliminate tedious FTP process of traditionally enabling Addons.

With a dedicated support channel in the Forum for each item, you can ask the author of any issues you encounter and patches will be automatically available.
All is moderated by our Management Team for your site´s quality assurance.

We will also extend the Marketplace in order to allow anyone to commission custom work under our Hire a Developer initiative.
If your author is publicly well known and highly rated you do not need to vet anymore whether your commissioned work is going to be delivered or not.
A strong developer portfolio is needed and you will see it real time once they are vetted through the community ratings.
A good track record is the strongest evidence. We believe this is a better approach than making a job posting board that anyone can say what they are good at.

In order to sustain this concept, we have introduced EPAL for our content authors.
This enable End Users to keep authors work as non-shareable to the general public while keeping the PHPFusion´s Copyright Open Source spirit.

Please take note though, EPAL will only work legally as long as the original code scripts has been registered in the PHPFusion Marketplace.
These items may be unpublished. For any work, which has not been registered as assets you may do so in your shop.
Scripts obtained elsewhere are not subjected to EPAL and the authors or community will have a copyright infringement claim if they suspect your site is running an illegal copy of their work.
EPAL is for Addon Publishers and Addon Purchasers only. For site owners who does not own a Commercial Addon a CRL or CCL will be required to protect your site source codes that you do not want to share.

For authors, we know it is hard to track and market your work at the same time.
The Marketplace exists for this reason and is the only main source for all extensions of the PHPFusion CMS today.
In the next couple of updates, you will be able to access the author tools for easy management of script and assets distribution in your store account.

This is our beginning for us to provide a unified Publication and Developer Service tool to benefit everyone.

PHPFusion Marketplace

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