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February 14 2019
We are very happy to announce a long overdue release of Andromeda.

Andromeda has been tested in many scenarios with a lot of improvements in all Infusions as well as Admin areas.
The change log and updates to Andromeda is so immense that it has over 3000 commits where each commit can be one or thousands of changes with just as many if not more files affected.
With that said we will just state the fact that this is a major update addressing all reported, unreported and known issues with a ton of improvements and extra candy to top it of with.
The upgrade have been overhauled many times during the whole development period and we have at this point had no issues when upgrading from both PHPFusion 7 and PHPFusion 8.

New features in PHPFusion 9.03.00

· Introducing UTF8MB4 Default For better char support in the database.
· Introducing Multiple Domains Support You can now point multiple number of domains to the same base site. You enable Allowed Domains in the Main Settings.
· Introducing A new Template Engine HTML and definitions can be made. See examples in many Infusions.
· Introducing Default SVG Avatars for people not selecting one It will give users a random color and the first letter in the user name.
· Introducing emoji More selection of emotions.
· Introducing A new Installer UI Pretty and clever.
· Introducing Wildcard option for Panels Examples,
/news* and your panels will be displayed even on readmore.
/forum* and your panel will be displayed in all forum selections, etc.
· Introducing Gateway This is a new experimental concept we started in order to make it really hard for bots to be bots !
All saves are in sessions, Mixed questions of numbers and letters that randomly require a correct answer in either numbers or letters. Dynamic honeypots, encryption and output in java.
Same output as for example hide_email function but harder due to the added encrypted JS output of questions, random numbers and letters not to forget random honeypots!.
· Introducing Fusion File Manager A flexible filemanager system to work freely within your root images directory.
Translation files are in > includes/filemanager/lang. You will find it in Administration > Content Admin > File Manager.

Added extras in PHPFusion 9.03.00

· Added Support for custom Database ports.
· Added a new Stock Admin Theme, Atom-XCP.
· Added a new Stock Admin Theme, AdminLTE
· Added a new Stock Theme, Arise.
· Added a new Stock Theme, Atom9.
· Added a new Stock Theme, Atom-X.
· Added a new Stock Theme, Atom-X2.
· Added a new Stock Theme, iTheme2.
· Added a new Stock Theme, Magazine.

Updated in PHPFusion 9.03.00

· Updated Admin API.
· Updated Dynamics API.
· Updated Minifier v1.3.61.
· Updated Colorpicker v2.5.3.
· Updated Bootstrap Fileinput v4.5.1.
· Updated Holder.js v2.9.6.
· Updated Tablesorter v2.31.1.
· Updated TinyMCE v4.9.3.
· Updated HTML5 Shiv v3.7.3.
· Updated Moment.js v2.23.
· Updated Bootstrap v3.4.0.
· Updated Fontawesome v5.7.1.
· Updated Responsiveness in the Administration.
· Updated A lot of areas for better cross browser compatibility.
· Updated Many Infusions to use HTML templates with the new Theme Engine.

Changes in PHPFusion 9.03.00

· Changed db_exist checks to a single function to check Infusions and set definitions instead to increase performance.
· Lesser static implementations for better performance.
· Autoloader now supports Infusions.

Replaced in PHPFusion 9.03.00

· Replaced Smileys to new SVG ones.
· Replaced many old icons with new SVG icons.

Download PHPFusion 9.03.00 here

// PHPFusion Development Team
Happy New 2023
To all our National Support Sites, Developers, Co-workers, Users, Supporters and to all our friends, fellow Fusioneers and your families we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
December 24 2022 1 minute
We are very happy to announce our latest branch release of Andromeda. Download PHPFusion 9.10.30 here   You can read the initial release notes of Andromeda here
September 01 2022 2 minutes
We are very happy to announce our latest branch release of Andromeda. Download PHPFusion 9.10.20 here   You can read the initial release notes of Andromeda here
February 04 2022 3 minutes
We are very happy to announce our latest release of Tesseract. Download PHPFusion 8.00.100 here
December 14 2021 2 minutes