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December 25 2018
We are very happy to offer a feature rich PHPFusion 8 ( Tesseract ).

Why a PHPFusion 8?
PHP announced that they will close all support on anything less PHP 7.
PHPFusion 7 does not work on PHP 7. Announcement : https://secure.php.net/supported-versions.php
Meaning a lot of PHPFusion sites can get hit hard if many hosts simply phase it out.

We figured, what can we do to help people who are perfectly happy with their PHPFusion 7 sites and reluctant to upgrade at this point?

PHPFusion 8 is the answer to that question.
You can upgrade from PHPFusion 7.02.07 to PHPFusion 8 without any required adjustments to your current themes and addons.

Download PHPFusion 8.0 here

PHPFusion 8 have been developed on Linux 2.6.32-042stab120.19 with Apache/2.4.37, using PHP 7.1.25 and MySQL 5.6.38 with PDO Driver.
Upgrade from 7.02.07 has been tested on PHP version 5.6.39, MySQL 5.6.38 and Linux 2.6.32-042stab120.19 with Apache/2.4.37 with PDO Driver.

Important, 1 : Only PDO have been tested in this revision. MySQLi is included but use in closed testing environments only at this time.
Important, 2 : UTF-8 is now standard, both db tables and locales.

Before upgrade, Syncronize with the English set of locales first of all. ( See the Upgrade_7.02.07_8.00.00 Folder )
Convert all your locale / Addon files to UTF-8 without BOM.
Make sure you update your locales global.php and change charset from iso to utf8 ( $locale['charset'] = "utf8" ).

We can´t list all things added/altered/replace/removed due to the open development on 7.02.07 > 7.03.00 we had a quite while.
But here we go,

New features in PHPFusion 8

· Introducing SEO / Pretty Urls
A fully integrated and comprehensive SEO engine built for PHPFusion with it´s own Administration. (Administration > System Admin > Permalinks)
The SEO Engine utilize modules for it´s rules, The SEO engine also have a normalize function. Modules can be enabled or disabled with a click of a button ( Enable / Disable ), to customize the SEO Urls check includes/rewrites. Always reinstall driver everytime you change anything for it to take effect.

· Introducing Multilingual Features
Full Core and module support for Multilingual content together with several relevant API´s that have been developed for smooth and easy implementations for your Infusions and for it´s settings. (Administration > Settings > Language Settings).

· Introducing A new Admin Control Panel (ACP).
Custom Admin theme templates are now fully supported. See theme/admin_themes/Venus for examples and options.

Introducing form_user_select function.
This function can handle large user database in areas such as Private Messages by searching the user database via ajax instead of a fully populated droplist. ( See Private Messages and Migration Tool for examples ).

· Introducing PDO DB Driver
PHPFusion can now be run with full PDO support. (config.php > db_driver="pdo").

· Introducing MySQLi DB Driver
PHPFusion can now be run with full MySQLi support. (config.php > db_driver="mysqli").

· Introducing customized error messages.
With the help of error.php and .htaccess we use localized text and images for the error reporting of the following HTTP errors,
ErrorDocument 400, ErrorDocument 401, ErrorDocument 403, ErrorDocument 404, ErrorDocument 500.

· Introducing new login methods.
You can select between user name and email or both. (Administration > Settings > Misc).

· Introducing Email templates
You can now have customized emails sent for Contact, Notification PM , Notification threads. (Administration > System Admin > Email Templates).

· Introducing User Migration Tool
You can now merge user accounts with content.

· Introducing Two new panel positions
AU_CENTER ( Above upper center ) and BL_CENTER (Below Lower Center).
See the Panel Administration and included Themes for examples.

· Introducing Wildcard option for panels
/news* and your panels will be displayed even on readmore.
/forum* and your panel will be displayed in all forum selections, etc.

· Introducing Gateway
This is a new experimental concept I started in order to make it really hard for bots to be bots !
All saves are in sessions, Mixed questions of numbers and letters that randomly require a correct answer in either numbers or letters. Dynamic honeypots, encryption and output in java. Same output as for example email but harder due to the added encryption and random honeypots.

· Introducing Blog.
A complete, yet basic Blog system as complement to the default News system. The Blog included today works exactly as News but it has it´s own render functions with default fallbacks and classes to enable full customization options. SEO, Submit, RSS and Search Modules are included.

· Introducing Full RoxyFileman integration to TinyMCE.
Note that you need to have TinyMCE enabled for this. ( Admin > Settings > Misc ).
The Fileman works from Insert,edit,url,image and media icons. Click on the icons and then the folder icon in source field for manager to pop.
Translation file are in > includes/filemanager_mce/lang.

· Introducing Fusion File Manager integration to the images folder.
a flexible filemanager system to work freely within your root images directory.
Translation file are in > includes/filemanager/lang. Administration > Content Admin > File Manager.

Added extras in PHPFusion 8

· Added a new Stock Theme, Atom-X8 to act as default theme with Atom micro engine that use a custom profile and panel exclude examples.
· Added a stock theme Called Venus as the default theme for the new Admin Control Panel.
· Added a new login template for Administration access instead of Admin password within the Admin area.
· Added a Blog archives panel.
· Added a Gateway check setting toggler, can be found in Security settings.
· Added Multilingual support, implemented in all native functions, You can have it on or off for selected items. (Administration > Settings > Language Settings)
· Added a Bootstrap toggler, Bootstrap can now be loaded globally with the Core and/or Admin area only. (Administration > Settings > Main).
· Added a MIME Check setting toggler, can be found in Security settings.
· Added Entypo icons as basic default icon selection. (Administration > Settings > Main).
· Added Fontawesome icons as basic default icon selection. (Administration > Settings > Main).
· Added a RSS Feeds Panel for News, Forums, Downloads, Articles, Web Links, Blogs.
· Added a TinyMCE Enable or Disable toggler to custom pages due to the diff on content, for example a nice html is just fine but with some java · and php you might want non TinyMCE. It provides a greater flexibility when working with custom pages and TinyMCE enabled.
· Added administration/blog.php.
· Added administration/blog_cats.php.
· Added administration/settings_blog_.php.
· Added a option to add forum category description.
· Added new content indicator icons added, hot, attach, image_attach, poll in Forums.
· Added a option to show last user post avatar in forum.
· Added a themes/templates/default.css which contain some default css rules you can include in your themes, PHPFusion 9´s shortcut library for positioning etc etc.
· Added a themes/templates/global.css which contain some css tools you can include in your themes, resets, centers compat. fixes etc.
· Added /images/flags for each country. ( See English locale root folder how to put the flags ).
· Added /images/flags_small for each country. ( See English root folder how to put the flags ).
· Added forum index was reformatted to be a bit more semantic and added more css classes.
· Added an Alert before deleting comments.
· Added Threads per page, Posts per page in Administration > Settings > Items per page.
· Added html_entity_decode() to the short description box in downloads.php.
· Added a function to output handling - add add_to_jquery().
· Added a breadcrumb class, seen in administration.
· Added favicon handling and added support for many sizes and devices, added function to themes/templates/render_functions.php
· Added maincore_mlang_functions.php Most of the Multilingual engine functions.
· Added maincore_mlang_hub.php mlang_hub system. Support for direct links for languge sections not set by a user who clicks a link to such area, maybe internal links or from external.
· Added themes/templates/layout.php
· Added themes/templates/layout_admin.php
· Added themes/templates/cron.php
· Added includes/translate_include.php
· Added locale/English/oneword.locale, collection of commonly used locales that can be called from this file instead.

Added content in PHPFusion 8

· Updated maincore.php , With multiple functions and upgrades.
· Updated Administration > System Admin > Panels.
· Updated Administration > System Admin > Infusions.
· Updated Administration > System Admin > BB Codes.
· Updated Administration > System Admin > Banners.
· Updated Administration > System Admin > Site Links.
· Updated Administration > Content Admin > Images.
· Updated Administration > Content Admin > Custom Pages.
· Updated Administration > User Admin > Admin Password Reset.
· Updated themes/templates/header.php
· Updated themes/templates/admin_header.php
· Updated themes/templates/footer.php
· Updated themes/templates/switcher.php
· Updated includes/theme_functions_include.php, Multiple functions, such as showMemoryUsage, opentab, opentabbody. See Admin, bbcodes for tab system.
· Updated includes/comments_include.php
· Updated includes/mimetypes_include.php
· Updated maintenance.php
· Updated user fields api
· Updated A lot of BBCodes
· Updated phpmailer
· Updated TinyMCE editor to 4.0.
· Updated jQuery version.
· Updated Colorbox version.
· Updated colorbox.css.

Extended content in PHPFusion 8

Extended User Fields Cats.
Extended Quote BBcode.
Extended Quote optimizations.

Important changes in PHPFusion 8

· Changed User fields - The order of fields have been rearranged to a bit more logical listing.
· Changed User info Panel - Avatar, messages box statusbars and some more standard options have been implemented.
· Changed user signature from TEXT to VARCHAR(500).
· Changed forum_threads_panel - The panel now follows the new threads per page setting as limit.
· Changed Search.php for SEO modules to work - Search now accept both GET and POST.

Important fixes in PHPFusion 8

· Fixed an issue where maintenance levels where not accounted for in admin.
· Fixed an issue where Entypo would crash corners of themes not bootstraped.
· Fixed a bug in cleanup process after a user is deleted.
· Fixed IP Ban range issues in IP_handling_include.php.
· Fixed an issue in setup.php.
· Fixed Deprecated: preg_replace() in varius bbcodes.
· Fixed and tweaked ICQ bbcode.
· Fixed Avatar resize bug.
· Fixed a bug with show/hide signature
· Fixed a unset error in maincore.php
· Fixed HTML typos in blacklist, errors, articles, login and news.
· Fixed a panel restriction bug.
· Fixed a potential url issue in viewthread.php.

Replaced in PHPFusion 8

· Replaced All Admin Icons (8 has it´s own set of Admin icons now. Most are based on - (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tango_icons and https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Desktop_icons).
· Replaced Default PHPFusion logo in order to give PHPFusion 8 it´s own signature.
· Replaced many & with &,
· Replaced all require_once "../maincore.php"; to require_once __DIR__.'/../maincore.php';.
· Replaced jscript.js, Has been beautified in order to facilitate further modifications.
· Replaced and optimized some images using smush.it & tinypng.com
· Replaced Setup, We have a new setup that has been beautified with a new installer design.

Removed in PHPFusion 8

· Removed Admin password requirements inside Admin due to the mandatory admin login page.
· Removed administration/navigation.php
· Removed themes/templates/header_mce.php
· Removed themes/templates/admin_header_mce.php
· Removed tbl2 from maintenance.php
· Removed "correctPNG()" function in jscript.php
· Removed the MSN user field in default dist.
· Removed readarticle.php.
· Removed hidden text from search results.

Good to know

PHPFusion 8 uses UTF-8, all files in Themes, Addons and Locales needs to be converted to UTF-8. Can be done in Notepad++ for example.
locale/Your_Locale/global.php control the charset, it need to be $locale['charset'] = "utf-8";

We have updated a lot of random locale including added new files, please check the English locale folder and compare for missing files and changes.
( Notepad++ have compare native for example. Download latest.
Open 1 English file and then your matching locale in window 2 press CTRL+ALT+C , repeat for each file )
We also have a compare tool in the locales forums.

If You use older themes remember to define excludes if the styling look strange. define('NO_DEFAULT_CSS', TRUE); and/or define('NO_GLOBAL_CSS', TRUE);.

The Blog´s default fallback only use scapmain and capmain styles, for customization see the function provided in Atom-X8 theme.php and the styles.css.

The TinyMCE filemanager has it´s own dirs for image handling. You will find it in includes filemanager_mce/uploads.

PHPFusion 7 Support will end with this release and the PHPFusion 7 forums will be renamed and/or altered to suit PHPFusion 8´s structure.
This is simply because PHP will cease all support and any feature security updates to many of the core PHP functions we use in PHPFusion 7 as of 2019. ( https://secure.php.net/supported-versions.php )

Download PHPFusion 8.0 here

Happy New 2019 everyone !
// Management Team
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