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July 23 2016
Some of the below have already been mentioned, I think it is quite worth mentioning again.
Quite a few Testers and Developers have stepped up and helped us with error reports, fixes, optimizations and so forth.

This pleases us a lot, we really appreciate it, thank you again everyone that provides with a helping hand, you will not be forgotten!

If you have contributed to 9 and if I have not been mentioned in the readme, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly.

The whole community have been in a Stand By for quite a while but it is really starting to wake up now, nothing could make us happier!

Thank you for all the reports and testing !

Our Main Site here have been slowly prepared for an upgrade.
You can see signs of this with the random question marks glitches on certain chars.
It is because of the background preparations. Once 9 is in these should translate to correct characters.

The RC 3 have had just a little over 80 public issues settled and probably just as many, if not more non public ones simply patched in to the Github. None of the Issues have been serious

RC 3 have proved to be very stable with only a some minor glitches here and there.

A complete list of the publicly patched issues can be found in PHPFusion/issues?page=1&q=created:2016-03-22..2016-07-23" target="_blank">Fixed issues since RC 3

The User Documentation for 9 is have been completed : PHPFusion 9 Documentation
Further down you will also find 7 Documentation, all is online now.

We will wait with the Official release of the sharp 9.0 version until the Main site is upgraded.
Naturally the New Main site will be something out of this world, if you ask us!

Additionally we are happy to announce that we will be able to offer Dedicated PHPFusion Hosting Services that are affordable and prepared for targeted use such as Shops / Blogs / Businesses etc.
You will be able to register Domains thru us as well as selecting the most suitable pack for your use. Naturally you will also be able to move your current site(s) for the best suitable environment for your PHPFusion installation.

Here are some mid-development screen shots for the curious,

Select your domain, single or bulk, you can order it all in one go.

Select your wanted Hosting Plan

Thank you for reading, Stay tuned !
Happy New 2023
To all our National Support Sites, Developers, Co-workers, Users, Supporters and to all our friends, fellow Fusioneers and your families we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
December 24 2022 1 minute
We are very happy to announce our latest branch release of Andromeda. Download PHPFusion 9.10.30 here   You can read the initial release notes of Andromeda here
September 01 2022 2 minutes
We are very happy to announce our latest branch release of Andromeda. Download PHPFusion 9.10.20 here   You can read the initial release notes of Andromeda here
February 04 2022 3 minutes
We are very happy to announce our latest release of Tesseract. Download PHPFusion 8.00.100 here
December 14 2021 2 minutes