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June 03 2014
Our new AddonDB is displayed as a Directory,
The Directory contains over 35 Main Categories and over 300 sub categories.

All old Addons have been sorted after our best ability to the new Directory structure.

The Submission Terms and Conditions have had an overhaul with some clear Guidelines on how we want you to fill the fields and how to introduce your Addons, please read these carefully next time you Submit an Addon.

Our goal have been to enable browsing of the AddonDB in a more enjoyable and structured environment.

We have added two new Addon Types to the AddonDB, they can be seen in Submit Addon.
The Added Types are Plugins and Widgets,for clarification these are currently only V8 features.


The Translations have been extended to support no less than 71 spoken languages from our previous list that supported about 30 languages.
We have also made two ways possible for Translation Submissions.
The first is a pretty straight forward selection type of submission, see example : Submit Translation.
You can always find that link From the Main Menu and within the AddonDB´s internal Menu System.

The other method is a direct submission from each Addon, All listed Addons have a small arrow next to their status text.
If you click this arrow you get some options, ie if you own the Addon you can access and edit it directly or you can submit a Translation directly to this Addon.
Since we have a customized search field Added you can simply search for the Addon you wish to update and click the arrow for your wanted Action.


In our new AddonDB the Forums threads that are created for each approved Addon will be streamed in to the detailed view of the Addon, making it easier to support.

You will have your own Dashboard.
In the Dashboard you will be able to find the following sections,

* Your Addons - A section to update or edit your submitted Addons.
* Addon Galleries - All your Addons have it´s own dedicated Photo Gallery attached to them.
* Featured Banners - We have enabled an internal and community driven banner rotator system.
* Purchased Downloads - This is for your purchased Commercial Addons.
* Download Stats - Some basic stats of when your Addon was Downloaded.

Your Addons
From Your Addons you will be able to edit and update any Addon you have uploaded.
We have a native versions system enabled in the AddonDB.
To update Addons you only need to type the updated version number and select a new file.
Your current and already approved version will still be available during the re-validation we do for your updated version.
Once this is live you will be notified by PM and it will automatically be the primary download version.

Addon Galleries
A dedicated Gallery will be available for each Addon.
You will have the option to add up to 7 additional images.

Featured Banners
There have been wishes for a promotional system, both for free and Commercial Addons.
Our solution to these requests are the community based banner rotator system.

For PHPFusion this is a symbiosis like agreement, you also support PHPFusion when PHPFusion helps you with the promotion of your selected Addons.

We make no difference on Commercial or Free Addons, everyone are allowed to purchase a Featured Banner if they want.

The Featured Banner system have the following three levels,

A Type 1 Banner will be placed in the random rotation on the Directory front & above all Addons in their detailed view.
The set price is 9.99 € for 30 days.

A Type 2 Banner will be placed in the random rotation in a Main category (Themes, Core or Editors).
The set Price is 4.99 € for 30 days.

A Type 3 Banner will be placed in the random rotation of a Sub category (Multimedia > Video Players & Gallery).
The set Price is 2.99 € for 30 days.

We display a total of 6 randomly selected Type 1 Banners in the Directory view.

Since our Directory is rather large you can get more exposure for your Addons if you purchase a Type 2 or Type 3 Banner where few Banners already exist.

Naturally a Type 1 Banner will be displayed most of the time because of it´s dual functionality.
You can only connect a banner in the area where your Addon belong, unless you purchase a Type 1 Banner.

Purchased Downloads
This is where all your purchased Commercial Addons are accessed.
If an Addon Author chose to have free updates on their Commercial Addons, you will automatically get the latest version when downloading from this section.
All purchased Commercial Addons gets a new random name every 12th hour for security reasons.
We also have active download counters on each Commercial Addon. If more downloads than reasonable are registered on a Commercial Addon we will investigate the reason.

Download Stats
In this section we display some basic stats of when your Addon was downloaded.
It contains download statistics from the very hour to day - week - month - year.

Cart functionality

We have a complete Cart and Checkout system in the AddonDB for Commercial Addons.
You can purchase 1 or 30 Addons in one go.
If you have Addons in your Cart over a time span, The cart can automatically remove any of these Addons if the Addon developer updates one of these Addons you have in the Cart.
The customer system are interlinked with the eShop customers system and the eShop.
You only need to fill these forms one time, regardless of what product you purchase from PHPFusion.

Commercial Addon Submissions

In order to submit a Commercial Addon and to utilize EPAL, you need to be approved in the PHPFusion Developers Network (PFDN).

Help us to populate the Directory

We could have manually updated the AddonDB with content from the vast community, in a similar way as we did with the Themes.

Instead of these mass uploads from us we hope that everyone in the community will come thru and Submit their Addons, now when we have this structured AddonDB.

We also hope that people will get some fresh ideas to produce new Addons from our Directory, esp to areas where Addons are missing today.
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