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Bugs and Errors

More v6.00.203 Fixes
Ok a few things to cover here. First of all a couple of added file fixes. The Dutch locale files have now been fully verified and corrected. Also, a slight error in sendmail_include.php affecting cc and bcc lists (I thought I had fixed it, but janmol found out it was not right) Thanks jan! I've updated the sourceforge download and 6.00.203 fixes pack. Update: I've now fixed a few rendering issues in faq.php and news.php. During the upgrade process you may encounter the following error: Can't DROP 'news_cat'; check that column/key exists. Do not worry if you see this error, the upgrade is checking for the pre-existing news category mod. The error simply means that you don't have the above mod installed, so you can simply ignore this . Finally, some v6.00.1 users have misinterpreted the first step in the upgrade process: Please delete config.php and setup.php from php-files before proceeding. By this we mean remove the files from the files you are uploading. DO NOT delete config.php from your server! Download v6.00.203 fixes 109Kb
October 15 2005 2 minutes
PHPFusion 6.00.203 Fixes
Just a few niggles that need addressing, most notably an error in administration/weblink_cats.php which causes a sql error when viewing weblinks, if you have edited any weblink categories you'll need to re-edit them to fix your weblinks category sorting after uploading the fix. This update also fixes a few errors in the dutch and persian locale files. The sourceforge download has been updated. Download v6.00.203 fixes 105Kb
October 14 2005 1 minute
DB Backup bug fix
With PHPFusion v6.00.2 almost ready I've been looking at current issues needing attention. The most important fix relates to the DB Backup feature. If you download a backup file it includes part of PHPFusion's header code thus causing the restore function to behave eratically. I strongly advise all v6 users to update their setups by downloading the file db_backup-fix.zip, otherwise backups will not be compatible with v6.00.2's db backup feature. The source-forge package has been updated to include this fix. Thanks to Caio for the fix.
October 11 2005 1 minute
Registration and Photo Gallery vulnerability
I received a report from Secunia this morning which alerted me to a vulnerability in register.php which allows abuse of the $activate variable, I have now fixed this issue. Meanwhile, whilst going over the photo gallery code in preparation for v6.00.2's imminent release I discovered two exploits (I really am going to have to teach devs how to sanitise variables). Needless to say, I've fixed it, sheesh, I do all the coding, I do all the fixing, I'm a slave! So v6.00.110 is now out, also including improved photo/photoalbum admin panels. The full download at sourceforge has been updated to v6.00.110. Existing users can simply upload the files contained in the 6.00.110up zip and then click Upgrade under System Admin in your Admin Panel. Download v6.00.110 update (17Kb).
October 05 2005 1 minutes
User Group bug fix
Following a recent report regarding a syntax error in the use of the mySQL REGEXP in User Groups admin I have released an update. This problem has only just been detected probably because few users have more than 10 separate groups as it is only then results become unpredictable. Thanks to VillageMaster for his advice The full download at sourceforge has been updated to v6.00.109. Existing v6.00.108 users can simply upload the files contained in the zip and then click Upgrade under System Admin in your Admin Panel. Download v6.00.109 update (4Kb).
September 22 2005 1 minute
Error found in forum options.php
Following an error report submitted by Wooya I discovered a small error in the moderator options of PHPFusion's forum. A normal user can access this page, something I had accounted for. I had however got the code logic mixed up. I have released a patch (6-00-107up.zip) for existing users and have also updated the sourceforge files. From today any updates to PHPFusion will invoke a rise in the minor revision number following a recent discussion amongst the development crew. So today's update takes the version number to 6.00.107. Download 6-00-107.zip Here.
August 26 2005 1 minute
A small fix
Rayxen has discovered a minor error in the Infusions admin panel. The error prevents the infusion version number from being updated when an infusion is upgraded. I've addressed this issue and have updated the sourceforge download. Existing users can grab the fix from the v6.00.105 update or from the zip Infusions Fix. Sorry about that.
June 17 2005 1 minute
PHPFusion v6.00.105 final update
I spoke too soon by saying v6.00.104 was the last update. A few more niggles have been reported over the last few days, and these are now addressed. v6.00.105 will be the last update for a few weeks due to my pending absence. For details on what has been changed, click Read More. The full download at sourceforge has been updated to v6.00.105. Existing v6.00.103/104 users can simply upload the files contained in the zip and then click Upgrade under System Admin in your Admin Panel. Download v6.00.105 update (75Kb).
June 15 2005 2 minutes
Error in new register.php
After receiving a few error reports I've discovered a mistake in register.php. Please upload the fixed register.php from the Download v6.00.104 update pack. If you are getting an error stating 'table vcode doesn't exist', please refer to my response to this thread. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
June 11 2005 1 minute
PHPFusion v6.00.104 final update
I've been holding this update in order to capture the last few quirks in v6. This update improves the security of the validation code image display and corrects a few other issues. The following files have been updated: administration news.php - fixed a missing class attribute in extended news cell. locale Swedish/admin/news-articles.php updated Russian pack - various updates main files articles.php - article category now displayed in title when category selected. footer.php - vcode table is cleared instead of temp table. maincore.php - improved validation image rendering function. register.php - secured validation image display method. weblinks.php - weblink category now displayed in title when category selected. The full download at sourceforge has been updated to v6.00.104. Existing v6.00.103 users can simply upload the files contained in the zip and then click Upgrade under System Admin in your Admin Panel. Download v6.00.104 update (53Kb).
June 11 2005 2 minutes
Minor error in Infusions admin
I've discovered a minor mistake in the Infusions admin panel (following a report from xandra). It seems the $inf_deldbrow_[] array is not being checked when an Infusion is defused. This error has now been rectified and the update and sourceforge archives have now been updated. Existing v6.00.103 users can simply replace the file administration/infusions.php with the latest file in the v6.00.103 update (53Kb).
June 08 2005 1 minute
PHPFusion 6.00.103
Another day, another PHPFusion 6 version bump up to v6.00.103. This updates all revisions of v6 to 6.00.103, it includes the fixes from 101 & 102 plus the following: Updated infusions/shoutbox_panel/shoutbox_panel.php & includes/comments_include.php to prevent guests from posting as members (if Guest Posting is enable). Not quite the same fix as AJFire suggested, but I'll credit him anyway There are also a few more small fixes in maincore.php dealing with unathorised use of the validation image and group checking. (Thanks to Rayxen for the heads up). Simply upload the files contained in the zip and then click Upgrade under System Admin in your Admin Panel. Download v6.00.103 update (53Kb).
June 07 2005 1 minutes
PHPFusion 6.00.102
PHPFusion 6 has been bumped up another notch to v6.00.102. This pack corrects all of the problems reported over the last 24 hours. The full download over at sourceforge has been updated so there is no need to apply this update if you already have v6.00.102. This update includes a number of minor administration panel fixes including: downloads.php, infusions.php, settings_main.php, updateuser.php & weblinks.php. The member poll infusion fixes are included. I've checked each core theme and correct a few problems with $theme_width, you will now be able to set the width in the following themes: Azara, Aztec, Fusion3, Fusion6, Milestone & Valencia. Finally, there are a few small fixes in maincore.php including a security tweak, and some corrections in search.php which has been producing some false results. Simply upload the files contained in the zip and then click Upgrade under System Admin in your Admin Panel. Download v6.00.102 update (48Kb).
June 05 2005 1 minutes
Member Poll fix
Just a few fixes needed so far, a couple of errors in the members poll. This zip also includes two administration fixes, settings_main.php and updateuser.php. I've updated the full pack on sourceforge, and existing users can download the Member Poll fix from the downloads area. Thanks.
June 04 2005 1 minute
PHPFusion 6 moves up a notch
It's a bit rare to release a minor update in the evening, but here we are with v6.00.101. This minor update includes 3 updated admin panels plus a one click upgrade to correct two database columns. Those of you running v6.00.100 simply need to upload the updates and click upgrade (under System Admin in Admin Panel). Important Infusion update AJFire made a valid point regarding the new infusion system not allowing the insert into database query. This has been addressed and all of my v6 infusions have been updated including the sdk, developers please note the addition of two lines to infusion.php: $inf_insertdbrows = 0; // Numbers rows added into created db tables. after $inf_newtables = 1; // Number of new db tables to create or drop. Then to insert rows use: $inf_insertdbrow_[1] = "table_name VALUES('', '', '', '')"; after $inf_newtable_[1] Please refer to the sdk if required. Download the v6.00.101 update.
June 03 2005 1 minutes