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A few words regarding our NSS sites
Ive been appointed by Domi to follow up some issues while our developers are aiming for the completion of v8, long overdue. Nevertheless, the day we release our long awaited v8, all things of the whole PHPFusion community must be spick and span and ready to function flawlessly. Yes, we do have high hopes and expectations for our coming version, the v8! First and last, I hope that this post will lead to constructive solutions and cooperation between different communities within the larger community, it is not my aim to further divide some of the things that today does not work that well together, on the contrary, I wish to make some fencemending here. One of this great communities advantages has always been the very strong and consequent localization of the project as a whole. Thanks to many of our Official Support Sites, our NSSs. And as far as Im able to tell, that part is still very good and we maintain a high standard. What is a bit more saddening in this regard is that while browsing around the different NSSs, I can see that some has not been keeping up, not posted news etc and also keeping development inside their own NSSs. Please check this link, especially No 1, 7 and 12, also to a certain degree No 13: NSS Rules Those are some of the points our Official NSSs need to look over and communicate with MT, the sooner the better. This is not what we have agreed upon, we have agreed that all NSSs shall publish news from the UK main site and also to publish all locally developed addons on our UK main site. That is not happening today and quite frankly, it is a part of our agreement and we will insist on this starting to shape up asap, or we will have to revoke the status of any NSS that do not comply with our common rules. This is not meant in a harsh way, but we have a deal and lets stick to it or we have no deal. Quite elementary, really. Having that said, I hope that people see the sensible in such actions and also that people start to participate more actively on our UK main site, with ideas, development etc, UK main is the natural place for development etc since it is the place where the development of next, and future versions, of PHPFusion core will take place. And it is the place where all of the core development take place today, if we all help out and pull this load together the same way simultaneously, well get there faster and better.
November 15 2013 8 minutes
New Official German support site!
After many years of service, our old German NSS has decided to close down their site. Nobody communicated this fact to MT, we just had the news via the grapevine that there was problems with the old site and one day it appeared a notice that they were closing down the site and that all support for PHPFusion would cease to exist as shown on this link: Old Non-Official German Site We thank the old German NSS for the time spent and we have the pleasure to welcome our new German NSS, on the adress that follows:New German Support Site The old site still flags with being the Official Supportsite for Germany, that is obviously not the case, the NSS we support and consider as the Official German Support site is the one we link to from this site. The best of luck to our new German Support Site! Cheers.
November 03 2013 2 minutes
PHPFusion, the first decade!
Believe it or not, we have ve been around for more than a decade now! Nick Jones started this CMS right here on April 12 2003. In the extended news we will cover some of our past and current progress that we have had already!
July 02 2013 15 minutes
All PHPFusion sites will be merged June 1st!
As a part of our ever continuing efforts to become more efficient we will close the separate Development site June 1st and keep all of our development, support, and all other related issues on this here site, UK Main.
May 25 2013 4 minutes
V8 Development progress
Hello everyone! We know that many people have been questioning our current development progress. In order to simplify and speed up our progress we have started to get Github up and running. With Github initiated everyone can see what's been done and what's left to do, naturally also help out with detecting optimizations and errors in published codes. As a result of this we will start to shut the V8 site down and move all needed tools to the UK Main site in the development section here. We have made one important structural change in order to become more efficient. The role as Lead Developer have been removed as a whole and Christian will be one of our Senior developers instead. The Management Team will setup milestones of what we want developed to the core and pass the task down to our developers who whishes to help out. We will try to assign a dedicated developer to each task we agree upon. The developer responsible for that task will be the current task´s team leader and have it´s own dedicated thread to follow it through. These are some of the key milestones we whish to achieve before a PHPFusion V8 beta can be released. • Make everything possible to infusions, We need to lift it out of the core but remain as supported by core, (Shipped with pack if you will). This development step was decided a long time ago, but no list was created, thus causing some confusion. We do not make a MCS (Mass Content System), we make a CMS. It is time we prove it once and for all and focus our efforts on the core and it´s functions rather than our community plugins. New, improved and very light core which will be able to handle all sorts of Addons a lot better and easier. Community plugins are better handled and maintained by the community that requires it, if we receive good mods we will naturally use them. Here are some examples: Articles, FaQ, Forums, News, Photo Albums, Web links, Polls, Downloads. • Rewrite of setup.php to match the above changes ( Selectable setup of what to include in your installation ) • PHP Data Objects (PDO) - Will need to find someone who knows how this works and how to make it work within our current framework. • SEO friendly URL rewriting layer. - Ankur. • A general approach to subcategory structures. - Matthew. • New shiny admin interface. - Hal´s project completed and implemented. - Halisson Ricardo • Theme engine improvements. - We will focus on Hien´s core engine. It is our intentions and hopes that this somewhat altered structure of doing the actual coding will speed up the whole process as such and we hope that after the initial getting used to Github, you will all be able to contribute to rewrite this CMS to become a major player on the market. Simple, intuitive, fast and finally, easy to understand and adjustable for our users. After all, they are the ones we develop for! For further details, keep an eye open for more details to come. Regards, PHPFusion Management Team
April 23 2013 9 minutes
Today we welcome PMM to Management Team!
He have been the resilient lead developer of PHPFusion V8 the past year. We are very happy and thankful that we have PMM who deserves this recognition. Welcome aboard ! Visit PHPFusion V8 here
January 23 2013 1 minute
Moving On
As most of you may have realised, I haven't been involved as much as I used to in the day to day running of the project. Through a combination of personal priorities and burnout, it's become harder to maintain the same level of involvement. With that in mind, I've decided to step down as Project Manager and allow someone else to take the reins for a while. This is not goodbye as I'll always be a part however small of this fabulous community. It's been a challenge to keep PF going strong since our founder Nick tragically passed away two years ago. I've never tried to replace him, merely to try to keep the project alive and vital. We have a marvellous core of people who have stuck with us over years through good times and bad. I thank you all for the friendship, fun and not least the code!
January 22 2013 4 minutes
2nd Anniversary
It's hard to believe but today is the 2nd anniversary of Nick Jones (our founder) passing away so tragically. But, it's heartening to see that PHPFusion is still here and as strong as ever. So, let's take a minute to pause and remember our dear departed friend to whom we all owe so much Nick, we miss you and you are in our thoughts! Book of Condolences
January 04 2013 2 minutes
2013? 2013!
I am pleased to be able to wish you all a Happy New Year! We did not make it for an Alpha or Beta version of PHPFusion 8. This is sad, but it is also a "reality check", if you like. Our dependency on a few dedicated developers and their free time is unconditional and absolute. Is this a good thing? Yes and no. Yes, because we can be sure that we get quality code with focus on security. No, because more people can do more. The issue is "control". It is not that simple, guys.   What can we expect for 2013?   It may not be up to me to make promises for PHPFusion in 2013. I do know this though: We migrate the 8 site to a VPS during the first week of January (this will bring in some more serverside possibilities) From the 8 of January a new coding push is expected The Theme Competition will be announced and start before or around mid January This is what I know today and what I am able to control.   Speech   On a more general approach I would like to see more involved people in development. As mentioned earlier, this is no easy task to control, but I figure we need to put the Team Leaders for Development and the Senior Developers back in a supervising role and have them check what others do with friendly, constructive corrections. Their knowledge must be spread to other community members and we need to build a broader developer base, both in regards to Themes and Core as well as Infusions. In short, we need to build our future.   Should we fail to do this as needed, PHPFusion will have no future. We can no longer depend on 2-3 people to do the job for 30-50.000 or more. You need to come forward, to show us and yourself that PHPFusion has a strong community of developers. Even if you are not a developer you may have ideas. You may spread PHPFusion among friends and colleagues.   Maybe I just need to become tougher. To demand more. To start sending angry PM's to people on diverse lists. To set up deadlines and to force coders to uphold them "or else!". Ban more members, denounce more sites for closure to their hosts and generally speaking, become a meaner person.   That is not my way. I believe in the Community. I believe that each one of you, taking the time to read this, have a genuine interest for PHPFusion and in helping us all to shape a better, richer CMS. That is my hope for PHPFusion. That is my wish for the Community. That is my goal as one of your leaders.   SCORE! /Richard
December 31 2012 4 minutes
Revised Developer Organisation
I have today announced a reorganized Developer Teams structure on the 8 site. I open up the box with plans I have, a bit, and introduce some good old friends in new positions. They are all friends and mates from this Community, friends of PHPFusion. You all know them. JoiNNN - V8 Themes Team Leader Craig - V8 Infusions Team Leader Halisson Ricardo - V8 Promotions & Communications Team Leader PMM and I remain in our positions. We have additional people coming in to strenghten the effort of the ones already working on V8, some Russians, some Americans and some Europeans. I will introduce the Teams as they are gathered. Each and everyone deserves our gratitude and their names will be public shortly. I am proud of having the possibility to help out with this task. Yours truly, Richard
October 12 2012 1 minutes
Site down
Sites related to PHPFusion UK was down a few hours yesterday and perhaps in to the night a bit. I do not really know when it started working again, but it seems to be up now. I apologize for any inconvenience. /Richard (I have been getting PM's from people wanting to help out on this and expressing sadness for us not being able to react faster on this. I can only say that for security reasons only two persons have root site access but we should of course secure a backup plan for these events.)
September 27 2012 1 minute
Development Plan - Online
It is with great pleasure I give you our Development Plan, scrutinized and approved by MT, (an hour or two late according to ghost2k ). Please take your time reading it, comments are open, but I rather have you all make threads in the Development Forum, I am making a thread there. It is available for members in Articles at www.8.php-fusion.net Thank you for your patience and lets get to work. /Richard and Christian *** Public
July 03 2012 1 minute
PHPFusion 8 Development
The development towards PHPFusion 8 takes a new turn. Tadaaa! Our Management Team has decided to appoint me, Richard Ainz, as Coordinator for the Development of the next major version of PHPFusion. You all know me, I've been around for ages and know my way pretty well around this wonderful Community. I will work closely together with Christian Damsgaard Jørgensen, PMM, our Lead Developer, and his Team. Most of this work will take place at www.8.php-fusion.net, which is currently being set up and organized for this purpose. That site will not be open for general support, but dedicated to discussions and announcements regarding the ongoing development. * * * If you feel you may be able to contribute in the development of version 8 with ideas, coding, themeing and other relevant tasks, feel free to bring your name via a Private Message to me or Christian, on this the UK Next site. /Team 8
May 17 2012 2 minutes