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PHPFusion 8.00.19 Update Released
We are very happy to offer a solid update for PHPFusion 8.0, we call it 8.00.19. (Year & Date). // PHPFusion Development Team
January 19 2019 4 minutes
PHPFusion 8.0 ( Tesseract ) Released
We are very happy to offer a feature rich PHPFusion 8 ( Tesseract ). Why a PHPFusion 8? PHP announced that they will close all support on anything less PHP 7. PHPFusion 7 does not work on PHP 7. Announcement : https://secure.php.net/supported-versions.php Meaning a lot of PHPFusion sites can get hit hard if many hosts simply phase it out. We figured, what can we do to help people who are perfectly happy with their PHPFusion 7 sites and reluctant to upgrade at this point? PHPFusion 8 is the answer to that question. You can upgrade from PHPFusion 7.02.07 to PHPFusion 8 without any required adjustments to your current themes and addons. PHPFusion 8 have been developed on Linux 2.6.32-042stab120.19 with Apache/2.4.37, using PHP 7.1.25 and MySQL 5.6.38 with PDO Driver. Upgrade from 7.02.07 has been tested on PHP version 5.6.39, MySQL 5.6.38 and Linux 2.6.32-042stab120.19 with Apache/2.4.37 with PDO Driver. Important, 1 : Only PDO have been tested in this revision. MySQLi is included but use in closed testing environments only at this time. Important, 2 : UTF-8 is now standard, both db tables and locales. Download PHPFusion 8.0 here
December 25 2018 22 minutes
PHPFusion 8 will see daylight
PHP announced that they will close all support on anything PHP 7. So a lot of PHPFusion sites can get hit hard if many hosts simply phase it out. Not everyone is ready for 9 and 9 is not ready for everyone either for that matter. So we figured, what can we do to help people who are perfectly happy with their PHPFusion 7 sites and reluctant to upgrade at this point? For most parts it is the database drivers that cause issues. I have a draft with these issues addressed already. However, I figured we can do better for everyone who is very reluctant to upgrade. Yes, I have listened!. So the aim here in the coming days is to release a PHPFusion 8, a procedural Fusion 8 that is 100% compatible with 7. It should result in 0 transition issues for PHPFusion 7 based Addons and Themes. PHPFusion 8 will also contain some of the features that was made for PHPFusion 9. Besides all that, PHPFusion 8 has litterly hundreds of smaller/larger fixes optimizations ( 260ish+ ) if my memory serves me right. People who followed Git might have been fast and grabbed a updated version from the Development flow there. If not PHPFusion 8 was never publicly released before the transition to 9. Nor was the foundation laid for PHPFusion 9 implemented published. So what do I have right now?, 260ish+ bug fixes/improvements from 7.02.07. Some can be listed as per the 9 Beta release. Compatible with PHP 7+. Two Database drivers - PDO MySQLi ( Thanks to our German friends who kept building on mine and Yodix initial PDO driver ) Full Multilingual capabilities. A new(old) prettified installer. It was actually used in the development at some points but is now depreciated. Tuned registration/profile fields. Custom error pages (404 etc). New News Icons. SEO Engine. RSS feeds. Todo? See what else we should use in this version from 9, Evaluation - WiP.. Fix upgrade script. The Main goal is that the worse that can happend when upgrading would be some notices or minor errors because there are no rewrites of the Infusions nor Core or Theme engine per say. Just improvements and additional functionallity with little to zero negative impact on performance and stability. If anyone have Beta or Alpha versions of 9 , please post links or attach em in this : a href='https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=39457' target='_blank'thread/a I am missing some Betas and Alphas.
November 30 2018 7 minutes
PHPFusion Main have been upgraded to PHPFusion 9.00.04
Besides some theme changes and the new admin theme we have replaced PHPFusion AddonDB with an all brand new PHPFusion Multivendor Marketplace. Everyone now have their own Shop to manage, free downloads or offer their codes and designs development for a price at our new network. To purchase on the site a Digital Wallet have been launched that handles all transactions with FusionCoins.
October 23 2018 2 minutes
PHPFusion Main have been upgraded to PHPFusion 9 (9.00.03)
Besides the custom Theme we have upgraded basics such as Users, Forums, Downloads, FaQ and a larger patch to AddonDB. User Profiles have not yet been fully completed and the 2FA Facebook Login system are not enabled yet. Also note that the Edit Profile have some glitches until the new Fusion Theme adjusted Profile is completed. Your AddonDB submissions and submit Addon options will be enabled once the profile system is completed for these parts. What is next? Finnish all missing components and sort any errors found, and in no particular order do the following : Release 9.00.03 when it runs stable on Main. Roadmap system implementation. ( See Screenshot ) Hosting Services implemented. ( See Screenshot ) Wallet integration. Documentation for all features and functions. Publish the new Development Plan for PHPFusion.
April 22 2018 3 minutes
PHPFusion 9.0 ( Andromeda ) Stable
We are very proud to offer the most advanced and feature rich PHPFusion version ever released, PHPFusion 9 ( Andromeda ). Download PHPFusion 9.0 here
April 27 2017 8 minutes
Status Update & Planned Maintenance
PHPFusion Inc have become a approved Domain Registrar by NetEarthOne. As a part of our planned services together with the PHPFusion 9 launch we will sport no less than four DNS servers. These servers are globally distributed thus providing highly redundant DNS infrastructure. Naturally, since we now are a registrar, we need to move php-fusion.co.uk to our new control area where we actually own and manage our own domain on a registrar level. On Friday I will initiate this transfer so the site may go down for 24-72h in worst case scenario. Best case scenario no more than a 2-4h glitch.
January 31 2017 7 minutes
Server Location Move
Today we moved to A2´s Serverhall in Amsterdam due to random connectivity issues and low response times. Some posts that was made 30 min prior to the move might have been lost in cyber space. I apologize if that happened. With this location move we hope everyone will have a better connectivity experience !
August 29 2016 1 minute
Prolonged Development
Prolonged Development always have it´s reasons, some are better than others. Let us share our reasons and our story behind these reasons. About 1 year ago an entrepreneur contacted us. This entrepreneur had so much faith in PHPFusion 9, realizing that it will most likely be one of the strongest PHPFusion versions yet.
April 01 2015 12 minutes
Documentation optimisations
Documentation optimisations have been required in order to reduce our information sources to a less divided state as compared to before this update. Our new Documentation system will cover our needs. Here is a list of the site changes with a short explanation attached to it, The features list is quite hard to maintain, If we try to maintain it as it is designed today it will bloat. Not many computer screens is wide enough for that in it´s current shape and form. Features compare have been removed and replaced by a simple Features List The edocs was a well made but still hardcoded manual to our system. The hardcoded part makes it hard to maintain and it also collided in large parts with the V7 Manual made by Janmol making it ambiguous. The Documentation system was a great effort to make dynamic documentation for the Main site, however it collided with both of the above systems and covered very little of all the topics it should for it to be taken as a serious replacement for any of the above. edocs and Documentation system have been removed and replaced by PHPFusion Documentation. The fusion functions system have been working well, however it bloats the system with a lot of tracking information. We did not feel that this system was a good candidate for continued development against an all in one solution. The fusion functions system have been completely removed and replaced by Devlopment Documentation While none of the old documentation systems above covered new features since about PHPFusion v7.01 the new documentation system covers all current features and even some that only exist in PHPFusion 9. A system wide search module have also been enabled for this Documentation system, you can try it here. Please remember that this is a work in progress, the system will constantly be refined. Since it will take a while for the web crawlers to update, the sooner we did this change the better it is for us. As a measure while the crawlers update their data, the PHPFusion 9.0 custom error system have been enabled with a few customized links added for 404 errors.
November 08 2014 9 minutes
Introducing our new sponsor
We have partnered with A2 Hosting due to their spotless reputation and their vast service options. You can also help and support PHPFusion by choosing the pre-configured PHPFusion 7 Installer. A2 Hosting´s support is open 24/7/365 with Guru Crew Support, from A2 Hosting´s USA-based team. With support 24/7/365 they also managed to have a proven record of providing a good quality support to their customers. A2 Hosting is not only Shopper Approved with an abundance of excellent customer reviews. If you would change your mind A2 Hosting offers a Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee.
July 29 2014 4 minutes
Enduser PHPFusion Addon License (EPAL)
Today we can present and introduce the first Commercial Addons License option for Developers that base their work on PHPFusion - Enduser PHPFusion Addon License (EPAL)
June 04 2014 5 minutes
Locales category added
I am pleased to announce that we have gathered a total of 34 translations for PHPFusion 7.02.xx. We have made all the Locales that we are aware of for PHPFusion 7.02.xx available here : PHPFusion 7.02.xx Locale Downloads These translations are also available @ Github Locale. You can help us keep these translations updated directly there. If you do not want to use Github for updates , please post your updates in the Locales forum instead. If we do not have your Locale available here, please check with our NSS sites If your country is not in our NSS list please consider to translate a English version to your language and send it to us. National support site status ( NSS ) can also be applied for here Remember to read the requirements and expectations carefully before applying ( Rules and Regulations for National Support Sites ).
March 27 2014 4 minutes
Progress information
The theme database update have been completed. We are now hosting a lot more Themes here in our AddonDB. Perhaps I was to picky when it comes to some of the choices I made. However others would say that I was to generous instead. I would like to think that I managed to find a good spread of styles and designs along with a wide range of colors for as much variety as possible.
March 10 2014 9 minutes
Merry Christmas 2013
To all our Administrators, National Support Sites, Co-workers, Users and to our friends and their families we wish you all a Merry Christmas!
December 24 2013 1 minute