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It is true that some hosts claim to offer 'unlimited' space. The reality is that unlimited space is actually nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

These hosts will have a large number of other restrictions in place which will prevent you from actually using an very large amount of disk space.
We prefer to be up-front about disk allocations, with no sneaky surprises.
Our focus is on quality, and we invest heavily in ensuring that our hosting platform is the best possible.

We use highly available SSD block storage - it's significantly faster than traditional SATA based storage, or even standalone SSD drives. We store your data three times for full redundancy, in addition to taking backups.

The truth is, you probably don't need 'unlimited' disk space.
Over 99% of sites hosted on shared platforms use less than 10GB, so our plans are usually more than adequate for most needs.

If your priority is for unlimited space, hosts that offer this usually do so using cheap disks, and often have overcrowded servers.
We always want our focus to be on quality, and ensuring that our customers always enjoy the best possible speed and reliability for their websites.

You can choose between hosting in our Netherlands, USA or Singapore based facility.
Either facility delivers fantastic speeds globally, however for best performance we'd recommend that during checkout you choose the facility closest to the majority of your visitors.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time without additional costs and the new hosting fee will be applicable on your next billing cycle.

Yes, our hosting comes packed with the world's number one control panel, cPanel.
Additionally PHP-Fusion Hosting have a fully integrated cPanel interface to your Client Portal where the most common tasks is only a click away.

Accounts will be set up immediately after a successful payment.
You should receive a welcome email with instructions on getting started within a few minutes after making your payment.

We offer extremely competitive pricing on domain names that is often much cheaper than at other registrars. If you prefer, you can still host with PHP-Fusion and keep your domains at any registrar you choose.

Yes. All our plans come with an unlimited number of parked or alias/addon domains.

Our multi-domain plans use one control panel login, while they are perfect for hosting a number of your own sites, they are not suited for reselling and we don't permit them to be used in this way.

Yes you may set up any software that runs on PHP/MySQL or Perl.
We additionally have an application catalogue that will allow you to install over 400 commonly used applications in a few seconds.

We take an automatic backup on a daily basis for all accounts. Customers on our Startup and Performance plans can restore files directly from these backups via your control panel, as well as initiate on-demand snapshots of their account.

The automated backups we take are strictly speaking for the purposes of full server restoration, and as per our terms, we do not guarantee the availability of these backups. You are responsible for your own data, both files and databases.

Our servers have high end Intel Xeon processors (8+ cores) with an abundance of RAM.
The drives are configured in a RAID array, which provides for protection in the event of drive failure as the data is distributed across multiple disks.
In most drive failure instances, we are able to replace the faulty disk without even taking the server offline.

Extremely secure.

Shell access or SSH is available free of charge on all of our hosting plans.
This is a secured shell environment that is locked down to your specific hosting account.

Not at this time. You can however use Linux based hosting regardless of the operating system you use on your own computer, whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux.

No we do not at this time.

Yes, if you decide to move your website to PHP-Fusion we can help with the migration.
Please start a Support Ticket with details on your current Host.

Permissions CHMOD are the access rights, the attributes of a file or directory, which indicates a server who can do what with the corresponding file or directory. Generally, permissions CHMOD determine actions such as reading, writing or execution to a file or directory.

In order to get your site on https protocol, you can order a shared as well as a dedicated SSL certificate from us, using it you can connect your website via an encrypted protocol SSL “https”.

Yes, we have installed a PHP module cURL, on all of our servers.

Yes, PHP-Fusion´s service supports the modularity of programs and functions include () and all others like it possible to write programs of the blocks, which provides a more convenient work with the programs.
These functions will work completely in all programming languages that are installed on our servers from PHP to C++.

We do not run advertising on your website. You can be sure that what you are paying for is truly yours.

Yes we do support SSL. With an SSL certificate you can have a secure encrypted website.
You can either purchase your own from any SSL provider or use our free SSL certificate.
We also have SSL certificates for purchase. For more information on our SSL Certificates

PHP-Fusion has been around since 2000 and we have no plans to go away at all.
With 2 Major versions PHP-Fusion 8 and PHP-Fusion 9 we are standing strong for a very long time on the CMS market.
Adding Hosting Services is something we take very serious and if anything it ensures that we are not going anywhere.

Our Servers are monitored 24/7/365. In fact, they are checked from multiple locations throughout the world.
Should a Server go off-line, our technicians are alerted immediately

We are a free speech hosting provider.
But that being said if you believe you have found content that is illegal or against our TOS, please let us know immediately.

No, you will need local Internet access in order to maintain your website and retrieve email addressed to your site.

Yes, you will be able to access the domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name.
Example: http://www.your-name.com or http://your-name.com is acceptable, whichever you prefer.

This indicates the amount of disk space that will be available to you on the server to hold and host your web site files.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that is allowed to be transfered to and from our servers.
Our plans are designed to have more than enough bandwidth than a normal website would need so that you do not need to be concerned about running out of bandwidth or "overage charges" that other web hosting companies charge.If you are still concerned about the bandwidth limits, consider this, if this page were viewed by 50,000 visitors, it would only use .024GB of your bandwidth. Rest easy knowing that bandwidth concerns and "overage charges" are a thing of the past


Yes, CRON is fully supported and manageable through the convenient cPanel interface on any of our hosting accounts.

Yes we do. If you are needing services customized to fit your needs please contact us with the details.

Yes. We will always help in what ever way we can to help change your DNS information.

There are 2 ways to transfer files to your website, FTP programs, and through the cPanel with the File Manager tool.

You have unlimited access 24-hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your website at your leisure.

Web hosting is the service of storing data that keeps websites up and running for users.
Every single website that is online has a host server, and almost all use a web host to manage that storage.
Not all web hosts provide the same level of quality, though.
Uptime, and data speed and quantity of transfer are the best measures of a host’s success.
You can often pay more to get data transferred in higher quantities, faster.
Most web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space at a speed that is perfectly fine for small-to-moderate sized businesses or individuals.
For companies with burdensome websites, they may need to seek out a more advanced web host.

A shared web hosting service is an agreement whereby each user gets a certain portion of total available resources.
Multiple domains are hosted by the same server, which means that the server’s capabilities are split between multiple domains.
This means that these websites will not experience as robust of performance as a website that has a dedicated server applying all of its resources solely to one website.
If requests come in for multiple websites on the same server simultaneously, the server will only be able to transfer so much information at a single time.
For low-bandwidth websites, the delays will often be unnoticeable, but for more burdensome websites, the delay can be significant.

You can find out how many people visited your site through a number of different third party resources, such as Google Analytics or StatCounter.
PHP-Fusion include easy ways to incorporate these tools into your website to start tracking both from our CMS and from cPanel, but some don’t give you any help in setup at all.
It’s important that businesses install some sort of traffic counting tool on every page of a site and regularly decipher the data to make improvements to marketing and sales plans. For personal websites, traffic counters are merely tools of curiosity, but the numbers certainly are fun to keep an eye on!

We monitor bandwidth usage very closely.
If bandwidth usage is near to or above the allocated bandwidth cap for at least 2 months, we'll recommend an upgrade.
Your site won't go down due to insufficient bandwidth and you will not be charged for any overages incurred during the two month evaluation period.
We will give you ample warning that the site has become busier and that you need to upgrade.

Use the following Dreamweaver FTP settings:

Access: FTP
FTP Host: yourdomainname.tld
Host Directory: Leave it blank or write '/'
Login: Your FTP Username
Password: Your FTP Password

Use Passive FTP should be checked or you won't be able to connect.

Use the following FileZilla FTP settings:

Host: yourdomainname.tld
Username: Your FTP Username
Password: Your FTP Password

Use the following SmartFTP settings:

Address: yourdomainname.tld
Login: Your FTP Username
Password: Your FTP Password

Use the following WinSCP FTP settings:

Host: yourdomainname.tld
User name: Your FTP Username
Password: Your FTP Password
File protocol: FTP & No encryption

Use the following CoreFTP settings:

Site Name: Your Site Name
Host/IP/URL: yourdomainname.tld
User name: Your FTP Username
Password: Your FTP Password
Port: 21
Connection: FTP

Use the following WS_FTP settings:

Site Name: yourdomainname.ext
Host name: yourdomainname.ext
User ID: Your FTP Username
Password: Your FTP Password

Use the following FireFTP settings:

Account Name: Your Site Name
Host: yourdomainname.tld
User name: Your FTP Username
Password: Your FTP Password

If you still can't connect you should check your Firewall Settings and see whether your FTP program is blocked.
Also consider contacting your ISP as they might be blocking port 21, which is the default FTP port.

This problem can be resolved in a very elegant way using a .htacess file. The content of the .htaccess file should be:
Redirect 302 /index.html http://your_asp_site.com/Default.aspx

If you want to change the directory index in the future so it loads "Test.aspx" for example, you should just replace the "Default.aspx" string with "Test.aspx" in the .htaccess file.

The problem comes from the fact that different browsers parse HTML and CSS differently. You can search on the internet for some tips on how to make your site look relatively the same on different browsers.
One way is using percentages instead of fixed widths to make the page automatically expand to the size of the users screen.

You can use the following free tool to assist you in getting your website correctly displayed across multiple browsers and operating systems:

If you want to see how your page displays across multiple browsers and operating systems without installing them, you will find the following website very useful: http://browsershots.org/

Please enable "Passive mode" to your FTP Client! On FileZilla choose "Edit", then "Settings" look for "Passive Mode", choose "Use the server's external IP address instead". Click "OK" button.

The FTP settings are as follows:

FTP Host : All FTP Hosts are listed in your Client Portal Under Manage Hosting Accounts > Your Selected Account > Connection Details
FTP Username : Default FTP username are info@yourdomain.tld
FTP Password : The one you have assigned to your FTP account, for the default one FTP account if you haven't changed it, the password is the same as your initial hosting account password;
port : 21

NOTE: All info required are also in your welcome email.

By now you should have received your Welcome email. ( Remember to look in your email Spam folders ).
This email contains everything you need to know about getting your website published to our servers and transferring your domain if you have chosen to do so.

You can find phpMyAdmin either in the Client Portal > Hosting Accounts > Quick Shortcuts > phpMyAdmin or directly from your cPanel.

Although PHP-Fusion assigns each hosted Domain name an IP address, we are not in the business of trading IPs. Contact your local provider for more info.

You will need to download an extension, such as FireFTP to use Firefox as your FTP client. If you are using Firefox, visit FireFTP and click on the link to download the extension. Once FireFTP is installed, restart Firefox. For help using FireFTP, visit their website.

FTP Settings
Server: ftp.yourdomain.com
Username: yourdomain.com
Password: your password