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Licensing FaQ

We wish to cover as many scenarios possible for our users, that is why we have several license options.

1: It's Open Source and it's free.

2: While being Open Source and free, it offers the best copyright protection for the copyright holder. We find that to be of great importance.

3: AGPL assures a steady flowback to the Open Source community, since you're free to change all you want provided you give it back to the Open Source community. It does strengthen the position of Open Source as such.

Yes, you can.

Since all of your code modifications, alterations etc must be available for all users to download, we've found the need for a license that revokes AGPL so that you may keep all of your modifications for yourself, without sharing them with others.

The CCL and CRL, EPAL revoke AGPL, making it possible for you to not share all of your own code and also not to have to display our Copyright footer notice on your site.

Copyright Removal license, CRL gives you the right to remove our copyright notice. This license is for personal and non-commercial use only.

Commercial Core License does exactly the same, but it is intended for commercial use.

All of our proprietary licenses work according to the principle 1 domain/one licensee/for the duration of the domain/all upgrades free for life.

It's a really good and priceworthy deal, given the contents and the longterm licenses. Pay once per domain and that's it.

No, you can't, due to restrictions decided by AGPL. In such a case, you need a CCL license.

Yes, you can, provided you only use standard solutions licensed under AGPL or similar.

No, the price level is adequate and is currently not up for any changes.

No, it will not be public record who has bought which license, but admins with proper rights can see which license is sold to a particular site to be able to check their status.

No, we've had AGPL for the last 10+ years, it has served us all very well and there will be no changes in the foreseeable future

Yes, you may sell your site if you wish. You may however never sell, sublet or transfer your site licensed under PHP-Fusion CRL or CCL.

The new owner must purchase a new license, since we sell our licenses based on the concept one domain/same owner/one license for the duration of the domain.

This does not apply to sites licensed under AGPL.

No, you cannot. In such a case you must purchase a new license fitting your needs according to our general rules for our proprietary licenses.

You contact us in matters such as this. For legal reasons we must always have one individual representing the group on their behalf, depending on the nature of the group.

For shareholding companies, who legally is a judicial person in itself, we must also have a specified contact person, whose details must be kept updated by the licensee.

You pay for the right to remove our Copyrights under your provided domain and nothing else.